Are Quartz Stone Countertops Scratch & Heat Resistant? 5 Facts You Should Know

We all have plans and ideas on how our first home would look, don't we? So how do you imagine your home to be? There are some factors everybody will instantly agree upon like they will make their home comfortable and stylish with a touch of personal self. All this sounds well enough, but have you ever imagined how seemingly unimportant things can shift the mood of the whole place, for example, the kitchen countertops?

Quartz stone countertop is the best way to add look, luxury and strength to your kitchen. The composition of these quartz stones for the kitchen makes them durable and resistant to scratch and heat, thus making them the best stone for kitchens.

Read below to learn interesting facts about quartz stone countertop that makes them invincible!

Quartz Stone Countertop - Scratch And Heat Resistant 

If you want to bring beauty and beast to your kitchen top, a quartz stone countertop is undoubtedly the best way to achieve it. A quartz stone countertop is made of engineered materials; quartz stone is manufactured with a mixture of quartz powder and a polymer binding agent. These components make the quartz stone for the kitchen super hard and resistant, with the strength mimicking that of natural stones. This material's composition is why they do not need to be sealed like regular granite countertops. 

5 Facts To Know About Quartz Stone Countertops

There are some intriguing facts that make the quartz stone countertop the best material to decorate your kitchen tops. Let's see what gives them super strength and scratch resistance.

Manufactured Material

As already discussed, a quartz stone countertop is an artificially manufactured material and is strong, unlike a naturally occurring material. It is built using quartz powder, polymer binding agent and pigment, providing it with supreme strength. The quartz powder/stone covers almost 93% of the whole material, while other components take up the rest, 7%. The quartz countertop manufacturer relies on the manufacturing technique and qualitative ingredients used to make a top-quality quartz stone for kitchen.


Durability is a feature that automatically comes when the production is done using the best quality ingredients. The quartz countertop manufacturer believes that quartz is a naturally occurring strong material composed of silica. And due to their natural composition, the quartz stone countertop is highly durable. Thus, if you are worried about your countertop breaking, a quartz stone countertop can be the right solution for your kitchen.

Resistant To Heat and Scratch 

Again, quartz stone used by the quartz manufacturer is robust and resistant. Since over 90% of the quartz stone countertop consists of natural quartz stone, it gives the countertops supreme strength and resistance against heat and scratch. However, this factor is mainly misunderstood; though a quartz stone for the kitchen is heat resistant, you will still need to take proper measures. Refrain from exposing it to too much heat directly, or you might end up ruining and discolouring the beautiful quartz stone countertop.

High Quality 

Is your expensive quartz stone countertop of high quality? Many people get tricked into buying poor-quality quartz countertops for their kitchens since they don't know how to identify a high-quality countertop. There is an easy method to check if the quartz stone manufacturer is providing with legitimate countertop. Use a steel knife to scratch on the quartz stone countertop; if it comes black, it's genuinely manufactured, and if it's white, that indicates poor quality. A high-quality quartz stone countertop will always be durable and scratch, heat and water resistant.

Stain Resistant

The quartz stone countertop is known for its extreme strength due to its composition. However, you must choose your quartz stone manufacturer after careful deliberation to avoid getting a lesser-quality countertop. You can trust Sevenn Seas Stones to get the best quality quartz stone countertop for your kitchen that is highly durable and strength resistant. 

5 Stunning Quartz Stone For Kitchen

These quartz stone countertops for the kitchen are strong and beautiful and available in a range of colours and patterns. They are the most subtle and absolute way to personalise the kitchen; look at some stunning quartz stones for kitchen options: 

Alabama Quartz

This quartz stone countertop offers your kitchen a natural feeling without extra care and maintenance. The zebra-like pattern on white stone looks exceptionally appealing and adds a modern look to your kitchen. Get Alabama quartz stone for kitchen and let the subtle natural feeling embrace you.

Calacatta Quartz

It's a quartz stone for a kitchen that comes with the durability and resistance of granite and the appearance of marble. Its texture is an add-on to its already beautiful appearance and hidden strength. Ask for Calacatta quartz from your quartz stone manufacturer and build an artistic kitchen.

Concreto Quartz

The concreto quartz stone countertop is the right choice for you if you want your kitchen to have a more industrial feel. Inspired by the modern urban city, this countertop has beautiful black spots for a stunning interior. Get this quartz stone for your kitchen as it is super easy to maintain with its high resistance against scratch, heat and moisture. 

Lankai Quartz

A black kitchen countertop has become in trend due to its modern and artistic look, and Lankai quartz stone countertop perfectly plays the part. It's the best option for your kitchen if you want an artistic and stylish countertop that is easy to maintain and manage.

Iced White Quartz

The last on our list is iced white quartz; as the name suggests, it feels like snow. The white shade is uncannily similar to snow and the minute darker spots give this quartz stone countertop a more realistic appeal. Contact a reliable quartz stone manufacture and get your hands on this stunningly beautiful countertop for your kitchen.

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