Company Profile

In 2020, fueled by a passion for natural stone, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize how people acquire and integrate this timeless material into their daily lives.

Operating with no external funding, we're dedicated to realizing our vision of creating something exceptional. Each day, we relentlessly pursue perfection, setting ourselves apart and aiming for excellence in our work.

Beyond mere suppliers, we consider ourselves natural stone dreamers—engaged in processing and exporting. While other elements in your surroundings may fade, natural stone endures, a permanent presence in your home and beyond.


At Sevenn Seas Stones, we believe in integrity and simplicity. We will educate our clients so that they put their trust in what we do. From beginning, we have understood the importance of listening to your clients and building long lasting relationships. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality, the best selection and the best services from India – Our promise to you.

Tushar Agarwal, Founder & Director